Gray Market Policy

Gray Market Policy

AIVITA Biomedical’s goal is to protect its customers and its authorized sales channels from the negative impact of gray market products.

This policy does not limit or restrict resale of products as permitted under AIVITA’s Sales Terms and Conditions or other contractual terms between AIVITA and its customers, distributors and sales representatives.

AIVITA’s definition of gray market and gray market products

Gray market is a market where products are sold through distribution/sales channels that are legal but remain unofficial, unauthorized, or unintended by the AIVITA.

Sellers using such channels to distribute/sell products are considered to be part of the gray market.

AIVITA considers that a product originates from the gray market (hereafter gray market product) in the following situations:

  1. A product is sold by an unauthorized intermediary.
  2. A product is resold, despite being reported lost or stolen.

Identification of gray market products and AIVITA’s authorized distribution/sales channels

Sales of gray market products can be sold though many unauthorized channels such as online sales or auctions. One of the first indicators to identify a gray market product is the price. If the price is considerably less than AIVITA’s advertised sell price, chances are that the product originates from the gray market.

AIVITA’s position on gray market

When products are purchased on the gray market, rather than through an authorized distribution or sales channel, AIVITA is unable to guarantee the source and quality of those products.

AIVITA will not honor warranty, nor provide any support for the gray market products.

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