Understanding Stem Cells and Growth Factors

Stem cells have been used for decades in research and some of our most important medical discoveries and cures are the result of this research.  Millions of lives have been saved and it is estimated that regenerative technologies are the future of modern medicine.

We adhere to all of the ethical and legal standards for acquiring our stem cell materials and in our research methods.  There are many views on the subject and we respect all of them.  Our goal is to provide those in need with the greatest opportunity for health and well-being from both our cosmetic product and our medical treatments.


Through the National Institute of Health (NIH), the US Government maintains the lawfully approved methods of procurement. The NIH upholds the standards for ethically obtaining them in a fully controlled process. ROOT OF SKIN™ adheres to the highest standards set forth by the NIH.
No, there are no stem cells, cell fragments, or any other kinds of cells in ROOT OF SKIN™ product. Our patent pending technology uses only the desired and purified growth factors from the stem cells. We believe our proprietary technology offers the most effective and safe formula to help maintain a nutrient-rich application healthier and younger looking skin.
Growth Factors are the messaging system of all cells. Growth Factors support the synergistic communication within cells and assist in skin’s regeneration mechanisms.
Our patent pending formula was discovered in our private research and development facility. Our decades of research resulted in our unique understanding of how stem cells communicate. This knowledge and experience was translated into our safe and effective product that includes our proprietary delivery system and actives complex, SourceCode Technology. The ROOT OF SKIN™ SourceCode Technology is manufactured exclusively in our clinical grade facility and can only be found in ROOT OF SKIN™ products.
It is our patent pending multi-functional complex. It is comprised of growth factors, a nutrition system, antioxidants, hydrators and a delivery mechanism.
We recommend using the entire ROOT OF SKIN™ family of products together. Our serums and lotions can be used with color cosmetics and we recommend it! Our products were specifically formulated to be the lightest weight texture possible. Their lightweight texture allows them to be combined with and compliment your entire skin care and styling regimen. The ROOT OF SKIN™ Revitalizing Sheer Tint Renewal Primer product can also be used alone as a cosmetic or as an extremely effective base primer and style as usual.
ROOT OF SKIN™ is the world’s 1st skincare product properly formulated and marketed for use by both women and men. ROOT OF SKIN™ products are designed so that all skin types and genders could benefit from our patented technology. Our lightweight, scent-free formulas focus on universal skin cell needs inclusive to all genders.
ROOT OF SKIN™ is made by AIVITA Biomedical in its Southern California facility.
All our products have been thoroughly tested and found safe, non-irritating and hypoallergenic. No allergic reaction or skin irritation were reported during clinical safety studies on human subjects. Our products are free of parabens, scents, glutens and other known allergens.
No, ROOT OF SKIN™ products are formulated for topical skin care uses only. ROOT OF SKIN™ product and any information about ROOT OF SKIN™ are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding any healthcare needs or conditions.
No, we do not test on animals.
If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you can return it. Please contact customer service for assistance.