Root of Skin™ was created by AIVITA Biomedical, a team of researchers relentlessly pursuing advancements in medical care. Our mission is to create safe and effective products that work with the body’s natural biological functions to deliver visible results.


Dr. Hans Keirstead is an internationally renowned stem cell expert who has led the development of therapies for late stage cancers, immune disorders, motor neuron diseases, spinal cord injury, and retinal diseases.

Dr. Hans’ continuing mission is to create new opportunities in wellness for all people.

By applying knowledge and expertise gained over decades of pioneering research, we are creating innovative science-based products that harness the body’s natural biological functions to produce remarkable and life-changing results.


Dr. Hans Keirstead founded AIVITA Biomedical to turn the latest advancements in stem cell research into products and treatments that improve and save lives. Root of Skin™ was born of the realization that AIVITA’s unique capabilities in clinical development were ideally suited to create the next generation of intelligent skincare solutions. All proceeds from the sale of Root of Skin™ fund the treatment of women with ovarian cancer in our R&D facilities in Irvine, California.